About Us

Net Novel Realty is comprehensive system for real estate and property operators with unique and dynamic requirements. It creates a fully integrated central database of all property types; from multifamily properties to shopping malls and land sales. With the ability to add advanced services, run exactly the reports you need and leverage on big data analytics

We are professionals who develop robust Apps to manage properties for Real Estate Owners, Landlords and Shop Owners

  • Net Novel Realty is all you need to scale your Real Estate/Property Business.
  • Our App Manages your properties for you while you Relax at the comfort of your House.
  • The Features includes Automatic Tracking of Payment with a Robust Dashboard where you can visualize Total Payments, Due Payments, Overdue Payments and Outstanding Payments and Sums
  • Your Tenants gets automatic Notification their Due Rents, Installmental Payments and Utility Payments
  • We have a instant Chat App where LandLord/Tenants Communicate
  • Net Novel Realty lets you create profiles of your Tenants while onboarding and handles Reciept Printing for You.
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